Clinical Governance Panel

This is a changing and potentially challenging time for nurses and for the organisations that recruit them. The Francis report into the poor levels of care provided by one NHS Foundation Trust has highlighted the importance of supporting healthcare professionals, enabling them to provide high levels of care to patients.

That is why Team24 created the Clinical Governance Panel; to discuss any changes to regulations or legislation, allowing us to better support our nurses, and strive to maintain and improve standards.

The Panel also considers best practice, trends in complaints, clinical incidents, safety and patient experience, so that Team24 can improve training and appraisal processes. This level of commitment to quality reduces risk to our clients, and  helps develop and support the healthcare professionals working with us.

The Panel is made up of senior Team24 management, as well as a mix of clinical staff from a number of disciplines. We regularly invite guest speakers, including clients, to provide more information and opinions on current healthcare issues.

Healthcare can be a challenging sector to work in, and we want to be confident that our candidates have the skills and support they need to succeed.