Work for Us

Delivering nursing and care to often vulnerable adults or children in their home can be hugely rewarding for the care givers but also the patient and their families. Working with people in their home or that of a family member is a very personal experience for all involved.

We will always endeavour to provide a service that not only meets but exceeds our client’s expectations in all dealings they have with us. This service standard also extends internally to our management systems which we will continually review and refine for the benefit of our customers and employees.

We provide a clear framework for our employees, so that they are fully aware of the company’s service and quality standards and play an active role in not only maintaining but improving on these standards on an ongoing basis.

Our primary aim is to provide the highest quality of care which fully reflect the service users’ needs, wishes and preferences. One of the core aims when supporting individuals living with long term conditions is to offer care that is person centred, personalised, coordinated and empowering.

Working as a nurse or carer with Team24, you are expected to uphold our objective which mean:

• Always placing the Service User first

• Being courteous, polite and empathic in all our affairs

• Safeguarding Service Users and staff from harm or abuse

• Delivering services which fully reflect the needs, wishes and preferences of our Service Users

• Promoting and enhancing the independence of our Service Users

 • Providing a service that is professional and trustworthy

• Continually improving and developing the quality of staff and best practice by robust recruitment and selection policies and training and development of staff

• Involving and listening to Service Users, families and representatives

• Upholding an ethos of values which respect the diverse and cultural differences of our staff, Service Users and the community.

If you already have experience of working as a nursein any field, we would love to hear from you.

We would also be interested to speak with nurses and candidates with healthcare experience that are interested in making a move from a different setting such as hospitals or residential care. We will talk to you about the unique challenges of providing care in a person’s home.

Strengths we look for in our teams are independence and the ability to work autonomously but safely. We also look for individuals that can genuinely demonstrate care and respect as well as being able to converse clearly with patients and their families.

There are rigorous checks and interviews on application to ensure all your relevant qualifications are up to date for the area of work you are undertaking but we also take into account how our candidates will get along with clients to ensure the best fit for both parties.