Rehabilitation Services

Sometimes the simplest things can become a challenge and at Team24, our nurses work with you and your family to ease any pain. We know that your needs don’t stop at 5pm on the dot, which is why we work around the clock to bring you 24 hour care.

Whether you’re adjusting to life after a recent accident or are looking for someone to make going upstairs and getting to the shops that little bit easier, we do all we can to help.

By doing your washing or making a few changes to your living space, we aim to give you your independence back.

Your physiotherapists and doctors know your situation inside out, which is why we work with them to determine which nurse is right to give you back your independence.

Once the necessary equipment has been installed and we’ve made a few changes to your routine, you might feel confident enough to live on your own with little help from us, which is no problem. Our service can be paused and resumed whenever you need it.

We want to give you back your independence as an individual which is why we work to bring you the right care package, whether this is a few visits or something more long term. We’ll give you any support you need to get out and about in the community.