Agency Recruitment for Paediatric Nurses

While every patient will have specific needs and require dedicated attention, the children in NHS hospitals, GP surgeries and private practices demand a different style of care. Paediatric nurses provide this crucial support by planning and administering a wide range of care for children, whether they are suffering from an infection, wound or disease.

Your typical day as a paediatric nurse will vary depending on your role and facility, but the goal of providing reassurance and comfort is the same throughout. Being hospitalised or even going in for a simple procedure can be a distressing experience for children and their parents. At Team24, we know the difference between taking care of a child and genuinely caring for them.

We search. We consult. We care.

Our agency includes dedicated paediatric experts who are available around the clock to discuss your career. Because we care, we provide around the clock support to ensure our nurses are best equipped to continue the development of their young patients.

We believe there is no area of nursing quite as rewarding as helping children. If you agree, look to the jobs below, but don’t hesitate to call 0330 024 1111 or email if you have any questions.

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