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NICU nurses are on hand to give expert care if a baby is born premature or needs specialist attention. It is always distressing for parents to watch their new-born suffering, so neonatal nurses are there to reassure families and talk them through the care that their baby is receiving every step of the way.

In the neonatal department you’ll use advanced technology and specialist units to monitor the baby’s progress and ease any respiratory difficulties that can often happen with new-borns. Connecting with the baby’s family is key because you’re there to provide comfort, answering their questions honestly and professionally during an upsetting time.

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Our agency staff get to know every candidate because working in NICU requires a special sort of person to cope with the emotional demands of this role. For more than a decade we have provided free training sessions and resources to make sure nothing gets in the way of expert care. 

Saving a new-born’s life is something that very few people have the chance to do, so what’s stopping you from applying to one of the NICU jobs below? Call 0330 024 1111 or email to discuss the best path for you.

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