Nightingales of the North

Where we’re doing it

Northern England is a large area and while there’s demand across the country, we’re focused on finding the best role for you in and around Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield where you can spread your nursing wings. We also have a variety of community roles throughout Lancashire.

Whether you’re looking for work that can fit around your busy lifestyle or you want a position where you can really get stuck in, there is so much choice that you won’t struggle to find the right opportunity.

We’ve worked hard to establish a strong, local network to benefit you. As a result, we can offer nursing roles in a variety of care settings; caring in the home, NHS hospitals, private hospitals, nursing homes and for hospice care nursing, depending on your specialism. 


A port city famous for its football success, Liverpool has plenty to offer when it comes to helping you reach your nursing goals. We work in a variety hospitals, care homes and other settings within this fabulous city.

We’re committed to finding the best nursing nightingales for the North and so you’ll never miss out on a new role in Liverpool. Our local reputation means that you’ll never be alone even once you begin your new role.

So why not be a paediatric nurse in Liverpool?


As the second biggest city in the UK, it’s no surprise that Manchester has a lot of potential when you’re looking to develop your nursing career. Depending on the area you specialise in, you could work in a range of healthcare settings.

Manchester is an exciting place to grow as a nurse because of the range of opportunities their healthcare arena have to offer, there are a lot of exciting roles available to expand your experience and grow your career.

So why not be a prison nurse in Manchester?


As one of the Northern hubs and a busy student city, there won’t be a quiet moment if you choose a nursing career in Leeds. We give you the chance to make your mark by nursing in lots of exciting places.

Leeds is a great place to be and we will help you find the right role and support you throughout the process if you’re relocating so you can take advantage of this bustling city.

So why not be an A&E nurse in Leeds?


Sheffield is more than an industrial city and has transformed into one of the best places for you to give expert nursing care. You can support the local community here in the

Sheffield is one of the greenest cities in Europe and at Team24 we pride ourselves on taking the time to make sure that your skills and personality are suited to a specific nursing role before making the placement.

Be a community nurse in Sheffield.


To see exactly what role you want to go for in one of these Northern cities, have a look through the summaries here.