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Apps that every nurse needs to download

As in any profession, a wide variety of apps exist that Nurses can easily download and utilise in an attempt to enhance their working life.

As in any profession, a wide variety of apps exist that Nurses can easily download and utilise in an attempt to enhance their working life. A huge number cover very similar ground, some more successfully than others, and the variety of choice can be intimidating. The below list covers apps that Nurses need to download, all of which cover a very different area of the job. 

Oxford Dictionary of Nursing by MobiSystem

Promising a “comprehensive treatment of the ever-expanding vocabulary of the nursing professions” this app truly delivers. Containing over 10,000 different entries, editions are updated regularly to cover latest developments and changes. Illustrations, tables and web-links combine with an efficient search system and learning features to create an app invaluable for anyone in the nursing. 

Nurse’s Drug Handbook by Atmosphere_Apps

Available with an annual subscription option which ensures the Handbook is regularly updated, this app provides a comprehensive and detailed index of drugs. Risk categories, the various names used, dosage limits and possible adverse reactions are all included, alongside much other information, making this app an essential  and swift way of obtaining information for any Nurse. 

Nursing Info Free by Sterling App Development

This great free app aims to provide a quick reference point for Nurses, and contains a huge array of material. Medication, diagnoses and pathology are all covered using various resources. The app features information from UK, US, Indian and Australian databases, so is fantastic for any Nurse wanting to get a solid comprehensive overview of worldwide practice.

Shift Worker by Production Shed Pty Ltd

While not specifically aimed at Nurses, the nature of the job makes an app such as this vital in terms of managing a busy and changing shift schedule. Shifts are easily to enter and change, personalising the entry style is easy and visually clear, and its many other features are all specially designed to make irregular rota patterns easy to input. 

Nursing Procedures by JUDE ARKO

A simple app that consists of a very basic and plain design layout, aimed at providing quick and easy access to procedures that need to be followed. Despite the very ‘no-frills’ approach the app maintains, the information is quickly obtained and absorbed via step-by-step points, making it a vital reference point when guidance is needed. 

NICE Guidance by NICE

While many apps exist which contain information related to NICE, the best place to be sure of accuracy is of course the official NICE Guidance. Public health documents, conditions and diseases, treatments and procedures are contained, and while the style of delivery is functional rather than exciting, the app provides all the necessary information a Nurse may need to consult, direct from the source. 

Symptomate Symptom Checker by Infermedica

With a database of over 100 symptoms and 500 potential conditions, Symptomate offers users the opportunity to answer a number of questions about their illness, and will provide a selection of possible reasons for them. The app is aimed largely at non-professionals and is keen to stress that “online check-ups are for informational and educational purposes only and should not be treated as a doctor's advice, a medical consultation, or a diagnosis”, which if course should be remembered. Despite this warning however, a symptom checker such as Symptomate can provide a quick initial starting point for a Nurse to consider what may be wrong with their patient , and is therefore a valuable app to have access to. 

Medscape by WebMD

Regarded as one of the most widely used medical apps, with over 4 million registered users, Medscape is highly regarded by Nurses as well as physicians and students as a solid access point for medical news, drug and disease information and medical calculators, amongst an array of other things. Although Medscape is American and hence leans more towards developments there, UK professionals still regard it as a key app to use in their everyday working life. 

Nurses Aid by nurses aid

Essentially a time management tool, Nurses Aid offers a convenient way to manage time in a busy environment. The app allows users to create reminders for random tasks they have been asked to perform and incorporates tools for shift handovers and information retention. 

Nursing in Practice by Cogora Limited

Giving access to the acclaimed Nursing in Practice magazine, this app allows Nurses to read news articles and features on their chosen profession, as well as share views and experiences. Information is accurate and up to date and the app is regarded as important in terms of keeping Nurses engaged and involved in their work, as well as fostering a sense of community.