Team24: Supporting NHS Revalidation

Since being launched by the General Medical Council (GMC) in 2012, revalidation has ensured that doctors demonstrate their competency in order to retain their licence. As of April 2016, around the same time that the second cycle of doctor revalidation begins, nurses will also need to follow this process.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) have reiterated their commitment to improving patient care by demanding every nurse is interviewed, assessed and supported. Whether they are locum or permanent, new or senior, nurses will need to be revalidated in order to continue their work.

Why Revalidation Matters

Keeping skills and knowledge up to scratch is nothing new for medical professionals, but revalidation ensures it is done in a regulated way. It also adds a level of accountability that strengthens the existing registration renewal processes and makes more of traditional appraisals.

Revalidation is fundamentally about verifying that doctors and nurses are providing the highest quality of care. In order to pass revalidation, a doctor or nurse needs to supply evidence they have put the required time into relevant practice and continuing professional development. Pieces of third party feedback, personal accounts and the correct documentation, such as a Health and Character Declaration and Professional Indemnity Arrangement, are also essential.

These details are then presented to a responsible officer, usually a senior figure within the same organisation, who is accountable for confirming whether their peer is fit to practise. The accumulative details of these appointments are then reported to the GMC/NMC, who determine the outcome on whether they should revalidate a licence or not.

It is every nurse’s responsibility to keep on top of their portfolio and this is vital to their career and their patients’ welfare, because if their licence is not revalidated, they are not permitted to work. At Team24, we do all we can to help medical professionals demonstrate their skills, contribution and value.

Helping Medical Professionals Prove Their Worth

As part of our service to medical staff and the facilities that employ them, we ensure our candidates stay informed of revalidation and will help them prepare as and when required, but ultimately it is every nurses responsibility to remain up to date.. Our consultants are able to assist in any way, whether that’s fielding frequently asked questions or providing advice.

We look to provide useful resources that we find to assist you with the process, and assist the revalidation process wherever we can. But we can’t be held responsible for your revalidation process.

Patient care will always be our priority and by helping those we work with handle revalidation we can ensure, by proxy, that quality medical care is always available.

To discuss revalidation or the ways we assist our candidates throughout the process, call us on 0330 024 1111 or email