Temporary Staff

In the healthcare industry there are lots of terms for temporary staff, from locums, contractors to freelancers; this mobile workforce is an extremely important component of the UK healthcare employees who look after the health and wellbeing of the entire population.

With shortages in staff across the NHS and key roles in high demand in the private sector, temporary work can be a reliable option to support organisations, particularly in seasons where our hospitals see a rise in admissions such as in winter and the flu season.

Team24 has specialist recruitment consultants and compliance teams that onboard and vet healthcare professionals on a daily basis. We ensure we continually monitor the availability of our nurses and professionals so we are ready to supply staff at very short notice or for longer periods.

Our temporary staff are ready to become part of an employer's team and are experienced in fitting into a fast moving environment. Many of our candidates can work in a temporary capacity over a long period if required.

We are proud to be able to help nursing and healthcare professionals manage their careers flexibly. Many would have left the sector without access to work that allows them to balance other aspects of their life while dedicating their hard-earned experience to patient care.

To find out more about the roles we can help with please contact us today.