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Reducing Agency Spend and Improving Patient Care: A Workforce Management Solution

Overall solution

Working across the three elements of staffing in the healthcare sector ensures that the maximum benefit is driven through reducing vacancy levels, increasing Bank shift fill ratios and ensuring that agency spend delivers the best value to the organisation, by managing it appropriately.

Not only does this solution positively impact financially for the organisation, it also provides a more consistent approach to patient care, compliance and continuity of teams. The solution enables the expansion of current services and new contracts as there is a workforce management solution in place, from a business that understands clinical staffing needs and requirements. We can provide the technology to support this solution and have the necessary in-house expertise to ensure it is designed, implemented and run effectively. From the identification of a vacancy that needs to be raised, through to a person filling that vacancy, working additional shifts on the Bank, to managing Agency supply, this solution drives all of those processes and engagement.

We are the only business that can provide all elements of this solution to large or small organisations, in a joined up way.