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Testimonial: "We were so lucky to have them and they made a massive difference to Dad's last few days"

"On the 22nd May, I called Team 24. My father was ill at home and although we already had a fantastic carer company looking after him some of the time, I could see that things were getting worse and we were likely to need nursing help. We arranged that someone would come and do an assessment on the morning of the 23rd. 

"On the morning of the 23rd, the usual carer was really worried as Dad seemed to be deteriorating. Your nurse, Jo, came and was absolutely fantastic. She assessed Dad's swallowing, listened to us and spoke to the NHS clinical lead nurse. Dad was immediately put on end of life care. By the end of the day, all non-end of life drugs were stopped, end of life drugs were in place and Dad was on a pressure relieving bed. 

"We are so glad that Jo came and was able to assess the situation so well. I dread to think what would have happened without her. I'm sure we would have been struggling on our own and his pressure sores and level of distress would have been much worse. Jo definitely impressed the NHS nurse and she was fantastic with us. Best £150 I ever spent. 

"Since we had run out of emergency NHS night sitters, my sister and niece took it in turns to cover the next two nights. We had been given CHC Fast Track funding but that effectively came to nothing as CHC said that no providers had capacity and when we queried about Team 24 they said that they were waiting for rates etc, basically they stalled.

"We asked Team24 for two nights cover from a nurse. Lovely Patrina arrived on the Friday evening. She was fantastic. She was the first one to really do proper mouth care. The district nurses had provided the sponge sticks and had described just moistening his lips and maybe going a little deeper but Patrina cleared all the muck from his mouth expertly. None of the district nurses had done that and I had just done a tentative job as I was so nervous of causing harm. 

"Patrina was brilliant with my mum too. She sat with Dad for two nights. My sister said she was able to sleep because she was so confident in Patrina. Being able to sleep at night meant that we were better able to manage the days.

"Dad died on the Sunday afternoon. If he had carried on we would have continued to have Patrina covering the nights because she made such a difference.

"I just wanted to write and say a very big thank you to everyone who helped us at Team24, but most of all to Jo and Patrina. We were so lucky to have them and they made a massive difference to Dad's last few days. Please pass on our thanks to them. They are very special people."

- Carol from Horsham.


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