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Midwives' tips for first time mums

Becoming a mother for the first time can seem a daunting experience, due to the huge changes in lifestyle and responsibility that it ushers in. There are a number of tips for mothers that can be considered, however, in order to make that transition easier. We asked some of our Midwives and Paediatric Nurses for their best advice for new mothers and this is what they came back with...

Get as much skin to skin contact as possible

Perhaps the most important aspect of any mother and baby relationship is skin to skin contact. What may seem a relatively innocuous and over-looked part of looking after a new-born baby, is in fact incredibly beneficial to both parties. It helps to keep the baby calm and warm, and in a happy state of mind. It can also enhance feelings of connection and belonging, in the mother as well as the child. Breastfeeding will obviously play a big part in this, but if bottle feeding it is still something that is easy to achieve. Keeping the babies back covered will ensure they do not get cold on an area that is not experiencing skin to skin contact.

Remember the wellbeing of the mother

When bringing a baby into a household, ensuring their total comfort and happiness is naturally the priority, but it is also vital to stop and consider the mother and her wellbeing. The most important aspect of this is that she is physically and mentally adjusting to a new role and a new way of living. Eating and drinking well play a large part in this. Plenty of fruit and green vegetables are recommended, alongside keeping well hydrated. As much rest and relaxation is also key, and any housework should be kept to as minimal a level as possible. Sleeping will be a big help, and feeling emotional is absolutely normal and should not be seen as something to worry unduly about, although seeking advice and support is recommended if the mother feels they are struggling on a mental level. Pelvic floor exercises may help with any physical discomfort. A Team24 Private Nursing Midwife from London states that is also important to “check your perineum and make sure stitches are intact and not swollen…if there is abdominal pain take advice on the use of regular painkillers.” It is also worth noting that pregnancy is possible as soon as birth occurs, so contraceptive measures should be taken if necessary. 


Being aware that a baby’s undeveloped immune system is very vulnerable, and that any household can contain many potential threats means looking at hygiene and perhaps adopting new practices. Washing hands before each feeding session is vital, as is after every nappy change. Making sure this routine is adopted by other family members and friends is also important. While it may not be the most agreeable job in the word, looking at the urine and stools produced by the baby can also help with issues of health. Any changes should be noted, and professionals contacted if concerns are aroused. Keeping wipes and muslin clothes easily accessible in every room will not only be convenient but also serve as a constant reminder to ensure enhanced hygiene measures are kept up. 

Seek out support

Despite all the great pleasure that being a mother for the first time brings, some can sometimes feel it isolating and lonely due to the huge change in lifestyle it brings. With this in mind, it is always important to seek out support; on any level, it is felt needed. Visiting baby clinics or new parent groups can help provide information, as well as social contact, and a chance to talk to others who are in the same position and are sharing the same experience. Accepting help and support from friends and family as well as midwives and nurses is crucial, not just in terms of the actual help, but also in nurturing the feeling that the mother is not on her own with all aspects of responsibility. As well as this a Team24 Private Nursing Midwife nurse from London states that it is important to remember “each person is an individual.. you will establish your way of doing things that you are comfortable with.”

Take some time to do the practicalities

Caught up in the day to day activity of being a mother, it is easy to forget about the practicalities that also need to be considered. Registering the birth will be the first priority, but time should also be given to reading through all information that has been supplied on the mother’s hospital discharge, making sure that furnishings and upholstery are safe, and that all items needed such as nappies and wipes are well stocked up. 

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  1. Posted by Lovett Okeke , 13/07/2017 14:16:01

    Having a new baby brings joy and happiness and time for celebration for some families. However, it brings some challenges as well especially with new parental responsibilities it bestows on first time parents particularly. But with support and help from dedicated families and professionals, it is possible to enjoy the journey of parenting.

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