An Approved Framework Agency

Earning Our Approved Status

At Team24, we know the importance of agile, compliant staff and are dedicated to helping facilities find them at an affordable rate. We provide our service at a fair cost and support our nurses 24/7 because both patient centred care and the national coverage of the NHS matter to us.

Our team are determined to do as much as possible to earn our fees and approved status. To fulfil this, we take on tasks and costs which the NHS would normally pick up themselves as part of our service. These include searching for candidates, interviews, running verification and service checks, immunisations, training and payment.

The delivery of thorough, considerate care drives our entire recruitment process and we never put personal gain ahead of this.

What Are The Framework Agreements?

NHS framework agreements are designed to ensure the NHS only gets the best possible service for its temporary staffing needs. Their primary goal is to prevent the exploitation of the NHS’s resources by looking at temporary staff rates, the fees paid to agencies and agreeing on fixed prices.

To get listed as an approved framework agency and be known as a trusted supplier of NHS staff, recruitment companies need to adhere to these national price bandwidths. For an NHS facility, working with approved recruiters means they can be safe in the knowledge that they are able to solve staffing problems without fear of being overcharged.

Why the NHS Framework Matters

The importance of agency staff can’t be underplayed. Human welfare can’t afford to wait until a facility finds, vets and employs the right permanent fix and this makes flexible doctors and nurses essential. They don’t deserve to be maligned, and neither do the companies helping to source them, but the urgent need for medical professionals was exploited by some.

To remedy this, the framework agreement establishes set parameters that agencies need to operate within and provides an additional security for medical staff and facilities. To ensure fair compensation, the rates include variations for certain roles, such as nurses and locum staff, and ensure factors like unsocial hours and whether a role is based in London location are considered.

The primary goal of the framework is to enable the fast deployment of temporary staff while ensuring appropriate rates are maintained. The aim is to prevent excessive costs and ‘off-framework’ hiring by unqualified or unethical agencies who are only set on making as much money as possible – regardless of the human cost.

By working within the framework, facilities and agencies can see that the important role fulfilled by agency staff continues in an approved way and the resources of our National Health Service are never given away without due diligence.

If you’d like to find out how we meet agency staffing requirements in an approved way, get in touch by phone on 0330 024 1111 or email us at